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Evening League Results

Points are based on the total number of eligible entrants in the male or female group, whichever is larger. For example, if there are 32 male BRCC riders and 9 female BRCC riders, the top male and top female rider will each score 32 points, with 1 less point for each slower place in their group.

This makes it equally possible that the Evening League could be won by a Male or Female rider and we hope this will encourage many more female riders to compete.

We will also be ranking riders within PTT clubs - a feature currently in development, but your results now will be included in this feature.

PTT riders are not eligible for prize points, however.

Riders who have not yet signed/scanned in will have a greyed-out background.

These results update live on the night, with automated F1 style ranking as the event proceeds. Share this page with your friends and family so they can see your results.

Results will start to appear at around 19:35 as the first riders start crossing the line.

Mens Course Records
10 miles 1Z/10F = 20:22, Ashley Cox - 14 June 2018
10 miles 1Z/10 = 20:58, Ashley Cox - 12 May 2016
11.3 miles 1Z/11.3 = 23:42, Ashley Cox 10 May 2018

Ladies' Course Records
10 miles 1Z/10F = 28:14, Miriam Taylor-Carter, 12 July 2018
10 miles 1Z/10 = 23:52, Mathilde Matthijsse, 29 May 2014
11.3 miles 1Z/11.3 = 27:16, Emily Robertson, 19 June 2014

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