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Hill Climb 2021

A few videos of some of the riders at the inter-club Hill Climb near Sharpenhoe Clappers, organised by our friends at St Neots CC on 26 September 2021.

Use the controls to go full screen.

You can also adjust the playback speed in the 3 dot icon, if you think the original speed looks too slow :-)

Feel free to download and re-use as you wish.

Let me know of any errors to names or clubs and I'll get it sorted

Regards, Graham

Rider: George Robb, Beds Road CC

Rider: David Cook, Beds Road CC

Rider: Sam Daniels, CC Ashwell

Rider: David Morgan, Icknield RC, Nathan Grady, Team MK PTT

Rider: Mark Greenhow, St Neots CC

Rider: Nick Senechal, Hitchin Nomads CC

Rider: Lillie Swan, CC Ashwell

Riders: Oz Grady and Lydia Swift, Beds Road CC

Rider: Matthew Palmer, CC Ashwell

Rider: Deborah Beare, Icknield Road Club

Rider: Joanne Woodcock, Beds Road CC

Rider: Graham Askew, CC Ashwell

Rider: Thomas Godfrey, Beds Road CC

Rider: Ade Gower, Hitchin Nomads CC

Rider: Alex Ranscome, Beds Road CC

Rider: Ellie Mitchinson, CC Ashwell

Rider: Micheal Cowland, Beds Road CC

Rider: Archie Bracewell, CC Ashwell

Rider: Mark Gray, Beds Road CC, Adam Swan, CC Ashwell

Rider: Matt Donovan, Beds Road CC

Rider: Salvatore Messina, CC Ashwell

Rider: Gareth Daniels, Ickield RC

Rider: Thomas Robb, Beds Road CC

Rider: Charlotte Lawson, St Neots CC

Rider: Andrew Nunn, CC Ashwell

Rider: Jamie Fox, Hitchin Nomads CC

Rider: Keith Black, Beds Road CC

Rider: Chris Potter, CC Ashwell

Rider, Norman King, St Neots CC

Rider: Simon Doyle, Beds Road CC

Rider: Josh Carr, PTT

Riders: Louise Clark, Beds Road CC, Chris Lynch, CC Ashwell

Rider: Ian Woodcock, Beds Road CC

My apologies, I missed Rider 44, I thought 43 was the last rider.

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