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Late President:
Terry Bush - RIP

Ladies Captain:
Mim Taylor [?]

Mens Captain:

BRRT Captain:
Matt Donovan

ClubHouse Secretary:
Stuart Robson

Club Kit Coordinator:
Position Vacant

Sunday Rides:
Ian McDonnell

TT Recorder/Results:
Position Vacant

Ian McDonnell

Membership Sec & Webmaster:
Graham Laming

Social Secretary:
Jo McDonnell

Welfare Officer:
Des Roberts

About: Mim TC - Ladies' Captain

Role in club:
If you don't already know me I'm Mim TC, full Sunday name is Helen Miriam Taylor-Carter, but that's far too long to sign.

I've ridden since being a teenager, wanting to get places further away and be free from my parents. In the days when there was no worry sending your child off down the cycleway by the East Lancs road 10 miles to attend tennis with a fellow 12 yr old (which I was hopeless at). As they moved to West Yorkshire I stayed on at 6th form in Eccles and cycled over the A58 up and over the tops at 6am from Mixenden through Hebden Bridge to Rochdale and sometimes all the way to Eccles. Hence the rider was born.

I looked to join the cycle club at University but at Freshers week they were not inviting of a scrawny girl so I went to the rowing table instead and took that up age 19. I loved racing and some say obsession turned me into a World Champion in 2000. Following injury, and now age, I have retired from 'serious' rowing and only play in boats with my pals.

I had a spell during the late 90's when I rode the TT's as part of the club for cross training so you may find my name in the archives. I rejoined a couple of years ago when I realised rowing was painful and I needed to replace my love for sport, occasionally relighting the touch-paper for racing.

I feel excited to help grow our Ladies Team. I hope to swell the team's number, attracting some new riders to both race, and enjoy our social rides. Hopefully with some help from my friends I can kindle some great ideas and we can all enjoy a fabulous year or two of riding.

Watch out for the forthcoming posts for suggestions.

You can contact me at

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