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What is a SPOCO Time Trial Event?
SPOCO is derived from the description for a time trial route as a 'SPOrting COurse'. This means it is run on quiet country lanes, usually with a few hills and bends to add interest. SPOCO time trials are great fun and are ideal for competitors of all abilities.

The aim is to cover the full distance of the course in the shortest time you can. Each rider is set off individually, a minute apart.

See more about the SPOCO Series at the end of this page...

Enter Inter-Club SPOCOs, see start times, courses etc. through Icknield RC's Inter-Club scoring platform at

These are:
26 May 2024 - Beds Road CC 15 mile Inter-Club TT
TBA 2024 - Hitchin Nomads 30 mile Inter-Club TT
TBA 2024 - CC Ashwell 25 mile Inter-Club TT
TBA 2024 - SNCC 10 mile Inter-Club TT
29 September 2024 - Icknield RC 0.6 mile Inter-Club Hill-Climb

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You can enter our SPOCOS as a BRCC Member, with reduced entry fees to events and compete for awards or you can enter as a Private Time Trial rider of a CTT Affiliated Club, but you won't be eligible for prizes or discounted entry.

NB: New CTT Ruling:
You MUST fit a functioning rear RED light and WHITE front light for the duration of your ride. You must also wear a CTT approved cycling helmet. No lights or no helmet, no ride.

If you are a member of BRCC, Hitchin Nomads CC, CC Ashwell, St Neots CC or Icknield RC, you can enter the Inter-Club event organised by Beds Road CC on 26th May. Entry for the Inter-Club is through our Online system and the entry fee is £4.00 for all riders.


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What you need to know about the SPOCO Series

Entry is open to members and non-members. You must enter online using this form. Entries close the day before the event.

The SPOCO events are a series of time trails in which Club Members compete against the clock on hilly SPOrting COurses. They are usually held on Sunday mornings. Check or Facebook for latest timings.

If you want to try competitive cycling, the SPOCO Series is an ideal introduction. Most of our SPOCO events are held on lanes around Cardington village. Some however are Interclub events.

Inter-club events are held between ourselves and our friends at the Icknield Road Cycling Club, the Hitchin Nomads CC St Neots and CC Ashwell. Points are awarded for each race and a final winning club is revealed at the end of the season. Second claim riders can compete in the inter-club events representing the BRCC.

Club Members, competing for the SPOCO Trophy earn points for each race, and the best 8 results are added to give a final score.

Entry Details
Riders who wish to compete in the SPOCO Series and for the handicap awards should complete the online entry form. Alternatively written entry forms can be placed in the letterbox at the clubhouse.

Non members can ride a Private Time Trial (PTT). A PTT does not count towards the handicap prize, or the SPOCO Series. You can book a place up to the day of the event, if places are available, but we strongly suggest you book at least a few days before the event to be sure of a place. Sign on before the event at the clubhouse, between 08:15 and 08:45, and pay your entry fee.

SPOCOs are held on Sunday mornings, the first rider is off at 9:01am for all events apart from inter-club events and events on the A600 / A507, which may be different - see info nearer the time.

Entry Fees
Event entry fee is £5.00 for BRCC members, or £6.00 for PTT/late bookers. The entry fee should be paid at sign-on desk, for each event. Under 18s enter for £2.

Under 18?
Riders aged under 18 must submit a parental consent form, signed by their parent or guardian. This form can be downloaded from the CTT website. Riders under 18 get reduced entry fee of £2.00.

Conduct at the Events & Regulations
Sign on desk at the Clubhouse will close fifteen minutes before the first rider is pushed off.

Arrive on time as the start is not always outside the Clubhouse, and you may find the Clubhouse locked.

Parking: if you cannot travel to the Clubhouse by bike, please do not park across our neighbours' driveways, and do not park outside the Clubhouse or near the start and finish lines; and also note that we do not have permission to use the Village Hall car park.

We must keep the road outside the Clubhouse clear, and must respect our neighbours - please keep your voices down when outside the clubhouse.

NB: New CTT Ruling:
You MUST fit a functioning rear RED light and WHITE front light for the duration of your ride. You must also wear a CTT approved cycling helmet. No lights or no helmet, no ride

No u-turns in the road within sight of the start and finish lines.

CTT Regulation 21 - Paced & Company Riding: Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting) from other riders or vehicles. A competitor overtaking another must pass without receiving or giving shelter. The onus of avoiding company riding shall be upon the rider overtaken. Riders who brach this regulation will be disqualified.

On crossing the finish line please LOUDLY call out your number to help the timekeepers, otherwise your time may not be recorded.
Please do not disturb the timekeepers, mingle around them, or block their view - they will be busy recording other riders' times.

If you cannot ride If you have booked and are on the start sheet, we expect you to ride. We have reserved a place for you, we have expended effort and time in putting the event on for you. We fully understand that sometimes, circumstances mean that you cannot ride. In these cases, we consider it is common courtesy for a rider who is unable to sign on, to inform the organiser BEFORE the event, that he or she cannot ride. This then allows us to allocate that place to another rider who may be able to benefit from it.

We reserve the right to refuse all future entries from riders who are seen to regularly book, not sign on, and fail to show the simple courtesy of offering an apology before the event.

We try to have the results available on the results page soon after each event. And they are generally available in the Clubhouse shortly after the last rider comes in.

Inter-Club Scoring System

Our Inter Club Time Trial Competition consists five events – 10M, 15M, 25M, 30M and a Hill Climb. Five Clubs (CCA, BRCC, HNCC, IRC and SNCC) take part and each hosts one event. The Scoring System used in recent years did not properly recognise the performance of Women competitors. This was putting some off from riding and causing disappointment amongst those who did.

The fastest Woman will in general be slower than the fastest Man but should have the opportunity to bring home the same number of points to their Club as the fastest Man. To address this issue a new System has been agreed by the five Clubs. It will be used for the 2018 Competition and then reviewed when the Competition has concluded. Broadly speaking, a Woman’s (or Man’s) relative performance against her (or his) peers is what really counts. Women and Men are treated equally, but according to the volume of each riding. In detail:

  • Riders are put into a Category – Men or Women (Trans-gender to be dealt with according to CTT Regulation 10 – Gender Categories).
  • Each Category must have at least 3 riders, or else it is merged with another Category.
  • For each Category the fastest rider’s points equals the number of riders in the Category having the most number of riders.
  • The slowest rider’s points in each Category is one.
  • The other riders are awarded points equally spread out between the fastest and slowest rider in the Category, with fractions rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • The number of riders for each Club whose points will count towards the competition shall be that of the Club with the lowest number of finishers, but this number shall be no lower than 8.
  • The top scorers from across the Categories are included.
It is hoped that this new fairer System will encourage more Women to compete in an excellent season-long Competition with heritage going back very many years. It will ensure that our Women’s efforts are just as valuable to our Club as the Men’s. The System shall be reviewed at the end of the season. It could be easily extended in future years to include other Categories (e.g. Juveniles, Super-Veterans) should the need arise.

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